I am sharing my knowledge which are the best earphones under 1500 with mic and which are the best brands in the market and their price as well. Clear and complete information to select best product.Here i listed the top best earphones under 1500 with mic. i am discuss about all the best earphones that are available in the market under 1500 with mic and as well as without mic.This helps to buy best deals that available on Amazon( the online store)


Best Earphones under 1500 with Mic

Best Earphones under 1500 with Mic

i am specified this article about top models in earphones .what are their features, prices, and the top best earphones under  1500 with mic 2018, 2017  following the previous years i.e( 2106, 2017, 2018) which have the best sound and bass under the range under price range of 1500/


Best Earphones under 1500 with Mic on Amazon, one of the biggest giants in the online industry has quite some great deals when it comes to the earphone with a mic that is available on this online store. The various models and products are as follows:

Best Earphones Under 1500 with mic A) JBL C100si with Mic

Jbl is a top Brand when it comes to sound, bass and music. This black color classy equipment is designed to provide the customers with the best sound and output in music. The headphones are compatible with all kind of androids, laptops, and IOS, the frequency of the earphone is 2oHz to 20 KHz. The earphones are very lightweight and easy to carry around. It is regarded as one of the best earphones that are available on the Amazon store under 1500/- as the product is equipped with powerful drivers to deliver high and thumping bass. The product is one of the best selling earphones in India as well as amazon and is the best earphones under 1500 with  mic. The  specifications of the product also tells one of the best earphones as follows:

  1. Impedance: 163.2 ohms,
  2. Driver sensitivity: 1003d SPL, 1mW,
  3. Maximum SPL: 5mW.

The product is currently on a mega discount of 500/- and is available on the website at only RS 800/- and it is one of the best deals on the Amazon.

Best Earphones Under 1500 with mic B) House of Marley Smile Jamaica 

This is the second Best Earphones under 1500 with Mic.You must known about Bob marley and about his legacy. The brand Bob Marley only and like him the quality of the products is impeccable. The earphones of the brand are one which every one have their eyes on because of its high bass, crystal clear sound and the sensitive ear tips to provide you with the best experience. No doubt the brand is one of the top brands in Earphones in USA  and is currently is available on a bumper discount of Rs 700/.The product price on the website for RS 1289/- only. According to the surveys conducted by amazon the earphone has got 4.4 star rating out of 5 which itself tells how good the product is. The earphone has an 8mm micro speaker for high performance with tangle-free and superior quality fabric cable. Thus, if you are looking for an earphone then it is one of the best options with mic under 1500/.

Best Earphones Under 1500 with mic C) JBL e15 earphones:

One of the top brands in such electronic devices is JBL. The earphone has 2 universal buttons to adjust your volume and microphone with various attachments in the ear tips to give you the perfect experience. The earphones are available at a normal price of RS 1499/- in the market or on any of the website. The product is lightweight and easy to carry around as the wire is 1.2 m long with tangle free. The bass of the earphone is exceptional.when the music is played there is no other earphone that can match its quality. Thus, it is one of the best earphones one can buy within 1500/- with a mic.

Best Earphones Under 1500 with mic D) Soundmagic E10C Earphones

Another Brand which has been the Award-Winning earphone over the ears with a microphone and remote for its excellent experience and performance in the market. The earphones are compatible with all types of electronic gadgets. The earphones are one with which you can carry around with ease as the robust metal and the tangle-free cable allows you to have the best experience. The sound quality, bass and the output of the earphone is one you will value for once you have this in your pocket and it is available on the amazon website for RS 1400/-. The superior performance over the years and the durability of the earphone has made it as one of the best earphones that are available on the amazon website and everybody have their eyes on such deals.

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Thus Best Earphones under 1500 with Mic, when we understand all the features and performances of earphones models. we see that the JBL e15 with the mic is the best Best Earphone under 1500 with Mic that you must go for. As it is THE best deals on the Amazon website and that to at such a reasonable cost. Plus, the sound and base cannot be match able.


There are many earphones under 1500 in the market  which are available under this particular range and the best earphones under 1500 without mic are as follows:

A) 1More Piston Classic without Mic:

Perfection and quality are the other two words that can be used for this particular set of the earphone. Designed with the best quality with soft ear panel for longer use without any problem. The 1More Piston Classic earphone is made for the best output and it has been consistently been doing well in the market now for the past three years i,e 2016, 2017, 2018 and still continues to do so. The brand is one of the top brands not only in India but across the globe as well. The earphone is available at Rs 1499/- on the website but it is one of those which cannot be matched neither in its bass nor sound quality as it is the best. The earphone is compatible with all kind of laptop, androids and all other devices and the in-line remote controls allow you to conveniently change songs, adjust the volume and even take calls with ease helps in convenient talking over the calls which makes it itself one of the best earphones under 1500 in India.

B) Sony MDR- XB55 Extra base:

One of the most trusted, reliable and performing brands in earphones is SONY. Sony has a wide range of earphones but this XB55 model is one in which you will be a fan of. The product is additionally supported with a feature to provide a high base to the sound that is generally the output of the normal model of the product. Secondly, the ear tips are made with soft silicon pads to provide long hours of listening without any problem and it is regarded to cope up with the quality of JBL in comparison to the sound and bass. Thus, if is one of the top 7 earphones under 1500 in 2018.

C) Skullcandy ink’d 2:

When we look and verify the features the bass and treble reactions are essentially the same however as far as the sound quality is concerned these earphones have been our undisputed top choice for about years ( 2016, 2017, 2018) in any case the inbuilt mouthpiece makes for clear telephone calls and simply like the JBL earphones the 3.5mm connector is gold-plated. Plus the wire is totally anti-tangle but when we look into the quality of the material used to made it then it is a cause of worry. The sound of the product is exceptional but due to the low quality material, the earphones are not trusted over its durability. Thus, if you are looking for a product with base and high output then it has to be your choice as it one of the best earphone under 1500/- without a mic in the Indian Market.

D) Panasonic PR-HJE290GU-p earphones:

Another brand when we talk about earphones and is a very common mae is Panasonic. The PR-HJ290GU model of the panasonic earphones has been the talk of the market since quite sometime now. As it offers almost all the features and function except a mic in its earphones whether it is the Soft ear tips, high base and high sound quality with it. It is one of those models who have made a mark in the market for them due to their performance and the quality of the product. The quality of the material of which it is made is of the best quality with anti-tangle wire. The product is also known for its durability and is available in the market at a price of RS 1299/- in the market and performance it become one of the best earphones under 1500 .


Thus, it is very obvious when we see the feature and quality that the best headphone that one can buy under 1500 without mic is the 1More Piston Classic without Mic as the product is one the highest quality as it gets and has set its standards in the market and is one which everybody will love to hear music on. Thus. I believe that this article was helpful in telling you that which is the best earphones under 1500 with mic and which you can buy for yourself.

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