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Which Mixer Grinder is Best in India Review | Price List | 2018 | Online

which mixer grinder is best in India? we have provided the top 10 mixer grinder in India 2018 Out from over thousands of brands. The prices list of Philips, prestige, Preethi mixer grinders along with many more. The Reviews have been helping you to make your decision much faster!

Top Best Mixer Grinder in India Review

Here today we will discuss the Top best mixer grinder in India for 2018, picking the right and best mixer grinder in India is really hard. so, we have many brands alongside many key features in their products, that gives the consumer an easy choice to choose from Multiple brands of mixer grinder available in the Indian Market.

We are listing out the pro and cons for each. This would give you an idea to select Best mixer grinder for Indian cooking. In 2018 these are the top 10 best mixer grinder under 5000 in India.

Check which mixer grinder is best in India …

1.Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder Grey Best Mixer Grinder in India for Quality

Top Best Mixer Grinders in India for 2018 | Price List | Reviews
Top Best Mixer Grinders in India for 2018 | Price List | Reviews

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder Best Mixer Grinder in India for women reaches exception. It is packed with a number of essential features like speed switch with LED. An Overload mechanism which turns off the device when it gets overheated and a jar lock indicator ensure safety and mark that the lid is tightly secured before use. It has 3-speed settings for making chutney, whipping cream, juicing, grating and mixing. It has sturdy and prevents leakage Safety. This product comes with a 12-month warranty. If you are looking at 5000  range then this will be the best mixer grinder under 5000.


BrandButterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder Grey
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing



  1. -750 watts motor which is really powerful
  2. -Jars made out of stainless steel
  3. -Various multi-purpose jars


  1. -More noise


2.Philips HL1643/04 Best Mixer Grinder in India for Design

Top Best Mixer Grinder in India Review Philips, a leading brand in the world. Now brings you one of the finest products from its collection of kitchen appliances. Philips HL1643/04 Mixer Grinder gives a promising performance and it becoming the first choice of the buyers. Philips HL1643/04 Mixer Grinder is fitted with a 600-watt motor a minimal amount of sound. Additionally, it comes with a power indicator and anti-slip feet for safer and easier usage of the product. It comes with a motor rating of 30 minutes and speed setting of 3. So, it delivers a superior performance and a perfect blend of ingredients.



ColorWhite and Blue
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mixing



  1. -Sturdy handles
  2. -4 effective blades
  3. -600 watts motor which is very efficient



  1. -More power consumption


3.Philips HL1606/03 Best Mixer Grinder in India for Money Saver

Philips HL1606/03 Mixer Grinder, a world-class product from the collection of Philip kitchen appliances. It is best suited for people looking forward to hassle-free cooking and clean kitchen. Moreover,  The best mixer grinder in this price list.


ColorWhite with green accents
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing



  1. -Well built body
  2. -Fast and effective
  3. -Super sharp blades



  1. -Products tends to heat up
  2. -Hard things remain after grinding


4.Preethi Steel Max MG-212 Best Mixer Grinder 750 watts in India for Power Efficiency 

Mixer grinder 750 watts is a much need for every kitchen. It is necessary to choose the right mixer grinder. The mixer also a unique anti-fingerprint coating. This is the far best Preethi mixer grinder for who are looking for Preethi’s products.


ModelMG-212 2
ColorSteel & Black
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing



  1. -Various activities can be done very easily
  2. -Consumes less power
  3. -Very strong body
  4. -Very quick



  1. -Makes noise
  2. -customer care isn’t very good


5.Maharaja Whiteline Flora Best Mixer Grinder in India for Design

. No matter which food you want to make, this has the potential to get the job done, from idli batter to any other kind of smoothie this is just going to surprise you with its outcome.

Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder Price ListPrice DetailsNew Price
Maharaja Whiteline STELLAR NEW 500 Mixer Grinder(Violet, 3 Jars)Rs.2,299Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline POWER 750 Mixer Grinder(INDIGO, 3 Jars)Rs.3,399Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline Solo MX-122 Mixer Grinder (Red & White/3 Jar)Rs.2,077Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline MX-145 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (Red & White)Rs.1,992Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline Neo Mixer Grinder 500 W (White 3 Jars)Rs.2,550Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline Flora 550 W Mixer Grinder (Red & White/3 Jar)Rs.1,962Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline MX-153 Livo Mixer GrinderRs.2,147Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline Champion MX-141 500 W Mixer Grinder (White & Red/3 Jars)Rs.1,892Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline MAESTRO 600 Mixer Grinder(Black, Silver, 3 Jars)Rs.2,699Check NEW Price
Maharaja Whiteline POWERCLICK Mixer Grinder(Black, 4 Jars)Rs.4,599Check NEW Price


ModelMaharaja Whiteline
ColorRed & White
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mixing



  1. -Stainless steel jars
  2. -Safety indicators
  3. -Vacuum suction to hold the grinder in place



  1. -Consumes more power
  2. -Noisy


6.Singer NA 500 Watt 3 Jar Best Mixer Grinder in India for Indian Cooking

The singer has this new classy mixer grinder which is just awesome in simple words 3 quality stainless steel jars for making chutney or any other relative task you put up, a 400 ml blending jar that does all the blending stuff with absolutely no problems whatsoever, apart from that they also included a safety overload protector. That Maintain when the grinder is under overheat. Also, a well built ABS body vacuum shockproof body relieve you from any sort of electrocution. I recommend this for the best mixer grinder under the 3000 price in India.


ModelNA 500 Watt
ColorWhite and black
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing



  1. -Good design
  2. -Can work on any item you put into the blend
  3. -Fast and effective



  1. -Customer service not up to the mark


  1. Preethi Galaxy MG225 750 Watt  Top Mixer Grinder in India for Best Price

Preethi Galaxy 750W Mixer Grinder Upgraded. Now added with VEGA W5 Motor that has the capacity to grind up to 500 kg of batter in intervals. A suitable choice for any contemporary home as it is not only utilitarian but also stylish in terms of its look. Power-packed with features to save both your time and energy, this mixer grinder will make working in the kitchen a delight for you.  Overload protector Ergonomic Design Compact and lightweight, the Preethi Galaxy 750W mixer grinder is a portable design. It does not occupy much storage space and can be handled without any difficulty. The mixer grinder not only helps you but also it will complement any kitchen decor in an effortless manner.

ModelGalaxy MG225 4
ColorWhite and blue
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mixing



  1. -Very good customer service
  2. -Less noise



  1. -Weak motor
  2. -less effective on hard items


  1. Philips HL1643/06  Best Mixer Grinder in Indian Market

Philips HL1634/06 mixer grinder that is here to take your culinary skills to the next level. This Philips product is packed with a super silent motor, overload protection, Reverse Quadra, Flow jars and more. A good cook always needs the top tools to match with the skills. Kitchen Appliances Joy 550 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder

TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing, Mixing



  1. -very effective
  2. -various jars for various task
  3. strong motor


  1. More noise
  2. Highlights fingerprints


  1. Brightflame 3 Jar Mixer Grinder – Jura Best Mixer Grinder in India for Latest Design

Brightflame not only manufactures of the daily needs but also design and fabricate the appliances that satisfy the kitchen needs. This product is having a superior well-built body which is made out of ABS plastic the jars come out with stainless steel which gives an assurance that it would not rust and ruin up your ground outcome, with 3 jars from this mixer grinder for dry grinding, wet grinding this is the perfect choice you might as well want to take!

ModelMark 3
ColorBlue, black, white
TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsWet Grinding, Juice Mixing, Dry Grinding



  1. Very durable
  2. Takes less power
  3. Very good and effective


-Weak holder for jars that tend to loosen up often
-Weak motor


  1. Glen GL 4021 MG 550 W Top wet Mixer Grinder in India 2018

The Glen GL 4021 MG 550 W Mixer Grinder  550W heavy duty motor makes it a breezy affair to blend batter for cakes, lassi etc or make tasty chutneys. The overload protector mechanism prevents unnecessary mishaps from occurring. The 3-speed setting function gives the batters required consistency. The 3 included jars for liquidizing, dry grinding and making chutney makes your kitchen chores easy and hassle-free.


TypeMixer Grinder
FunctionsDry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Juicing, Mixing



  1. -Quite
  2. -fast
  3. -many stainless steel jars
  4. -Strong motor


  1. -More noise
  2. -Isn’t shockproof


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