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Today, in this article we will talk about the Best Water Purifiers in india that are available in the Indian Market in 2018. Various Popular best selling Best Water Purifiers that are available at low cost prices under 15000,10000. Check brands like Kent, Eureka Forbes, Pureit, Aquaguard, Livpure and many other. There are various technologies that are used to clean the water such as the Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet(UV), Ultra Filtration(UF) and TDS function. so that the customer can choose according to their needs and preference and can get the best water purifier for borewell water. the article acknowledges and helps us about which are the best selling non electric water purifiers in India with the cheapest rates.


Further, in this article, you will learn about the best water purifiers that are used in purifying well water and also various water purifiers that are available in the Indian market with the best reviews and within the range of 10000/-


There are many sections of the society that only depend on the borewell water for their daily activities but such kind of water is not as fit for drinking and cooking purposes. So, understanding the needs of the customers there are many Ro Water Purifiers in the Indian Market which are best suited for the borewell water which is as follows;

A) Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit Mineral Ro Water Purifier

One of the most popular and best suites Water Purifier in the Indian market that anyone can buy for their home. The storage capacity of the water purifier is 6 liters. It is vested with high technology which can add minerals into the water so that the taste of the water can be improved and there is no sour taste of the water. The water purifier claims that it cleans kills all the germs and all the viruses that are present in the water. The purifier is best suited for small household’s. The purifier is available at a reasonable rate and purifies one liter of water at a very cheap price of 5 paise. The RO is best suited for the borewell water and is trusted to purify such water with ease.

B) Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier

This Water Purifier has been ruling the Indian market for quite some time now because of the quality of the water. The Ro is fully automatic and has a water storage capacity of 7 liters. The Product has got the best reviews from the customers. The Ro is fully automatic and is installed with Led LIghts for Indications for purification and change of the germ kill cartridge. This is also best suited for well water as it has double purification through Ultra Violet(UV) And Ultrafiltration(UF).

C) LivPure GLo Mineralizer Water Purifier

With the best selling Ro in the past three years( 2016, 2017, 2018) the Livpure ro is one of the best that anyone would like to bring it to his home. The product is under the banner of Luminous and is giving a tough competition to the other products n the market. The Ro is very sleek in design and has a six-stage purification system inbuilt in it. The water purifier can purify up to 75 Liters of water every day with up to 15000 PPM DS level. The Ro is best known to purify well water and maintains the adequate amount of minerals in the water by adding and removing the minerals if required. Thus, it is also one of those which is preferred in the Indian Market for borewell water. This type of RO’s are generally used in the rural areas where the livelihood is totally dependent on the borewell water.


With the improvement in the technology, this field has been so much exploited that nowadays more than the electric Ro the Non-Electric Water Purifiers are more prevalent in the market. The These water purifiers have also captured the Indian market in the recent past because of the quality of their performance. Thus, the best non-electric water purifier are as follows:

A) Kent Optima Water Purifier

This 10 litre water purifier looks small only in size by works and cleans water like every other normal Ro. The water purifier is made out of non-breakable and food-grade Polycarbonate. The maintenance of the water purifier is very cheap and it is easy to clean as the body is fully detachable and leak-proof. Seeking to the demand of the product the company has launched its bigger storage capacity models in 20 and 22 liters versions as well. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best non-electric water Purifiers in India.

B) Hindustan Unilever Pureit 14 Liters classic

This water purifier has been the best selling since a really long time in the Indian market and is available at a very cheap price. The tank capacity of the water purifier is 14 liters and is vested with germ kill technology in it. The purifier has got the best reviews among all the ro’s in the market. It is one of the common names that everyone knows about. The purifier indicates red when the cartridge is required to be changed a few days beforehand so that one can easily get and change the cartridge. The company even offers this same product in bigger storage capacity of 23 liters as well, so that if there is a bigger family then they can also utilize it at home. It is one which has captured the Indian market and that is one of the reasons that it is one of the best selling non-electric water purifiers in India.

 C) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima purifier

This Aquasure water purifier under the tag of Eureka Forbes is one which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and is one of the best selling water purifiers in today’s market. Since the company specializes in making only water purifiers and vacuum cleaners there is no doubt about the quality of the water and is one of the most trusted water purifiers. It is one of the best water purifiers in India as it purifies water in a natural way without using any sort of chemicals in it and it is one on which the Indian Population relies on. The company has various models in the regard of the customer preferences such as 14L, 17L, 20 and 22 Liters.


A) Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UF

One of the oldest and most trusted company in the Indian Market “Eureka Forbes” model Aquasure Ro+UF is available at a general price of 9100/- in the market. The Ro is known for its water Quality and performance. The ro uses dual Filtration process of Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration to clean the water and does it very elegantly. The Water Purifier is best suited for household use and is one which has been the trust of many families for so long. The storage capacity of the ro is 6 Liters and has Led Indicators to display the water in the tank and when to change the candle. It is one with the best reviews by the customers in the market and is regarded as one of the best water purifiers under the range of 10000/-.

2) Hindustan Unilever Pureit 5 Ltrs RO+UV 

This Best in class accompanies every one of the highlights you could seek after, all over 5-liters s. This Pureit water purifier utilizes a 6-stage procedure to give the best quality purified water As a well-being measure, it additionally has a voltage change monitor which withstand voltage as high as 300 volts or gets as low as 150 VAC. The ro has received the best reviews from the public due to which the demand of the product has risen constantly in  2016, 2017 and 2018 and continues to do so. The hat’s TDS evacuation limit is additionally a stable 1800 ppm. The valuing of the item is sensible. This model of purifier is similarly tantamount to the one said over, the decision is on you which one you’d lean toward. The water purifier is available at a price of 8500/- in the market and is one of the best water purifiers that anyone can get under 10000/-.

C) Aquaguard UV Plus RO

This particular model of the Eureka Forbes accompanies many promising features. Like its shrewd sensor and Minerals. It likewise supports a 2 liters/minute water purifying function. Notwithstanding the greater part of that, it likewise incorporates Intelligent and efficient indicators, voltage stabilizers. The Ro is made of high-quality plastic and that is one of the reasons that the Ro is leakproof. Also, the ro removes all the toxins, chemicals and eliminates all sort of fetuses from the water in the natural way as they are used to without involving any sort of chemical like other purifiers do. The customer rating based on the reviews of the product is 3.9 and if you are looking to buy an ro under 10000/- I guess this is your deal.

Thus, if you are looking to buy an RO then this article will surely help you to buy the best Ro water Purifiers under the budget of 10000/-.

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