Dubai Visa : how to Check dubai visa status by passport number

How to Check dubai visa status by passport number in online

People who are all keenly waiting to know about the Dubai Visa status online can check via the official website
As we all know that most of the people don’t know that how to check thedubai visa status by passport number through online in an easy way. If you are looking for the status can visit the site without any hesitations at any time. Before applying for the visa, everything regarding the medical process will be inquired and tested for the eligible position. Once the process is done, it is very simple for the people to go ahead.

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Dubai Visa : how to Check dubai visa status by passport number 2

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Once the process is getting started you need to hold all the required valid documents in your hand. It is very important for the candidates to have it in their hand while checking the online status. If you enter any of the invalid information, the process may take an insufficient time to proceed further. All the people who are all waiting for the process to continue must have the documents to follow for checking the UAE status. These are the important process for the people to continue before getting into the status process.

Important instructions to follow to check visa status in dubai

As we all know that there is an official site for the check Dubai visa status check online. When comes to online process, many will get suffer from following the same valid instructions. This may make them follow very delay. For this purpose, you need to check the valid site for the instructions. Here we are sharing some of the important steps which are very much easy for the people to handle at any time. Hope these steps will be very helpful for all the people who are all eagerly waiting for the steps to check the Dubai visa status online.

1. First of all, people should visit the Select service to inquire to go further.

2. Now select the Residence validity and then select the respective year of the visa submission along with
Residence file number.

3. You need to enter your name in small
words, you can write only the first name to proceed.

4. After that select your gender like whether you are male or female.

5. At last, the process is done, you can submit and get the status via online without making any delay.

These are the only steps that every people need to know for further

How to find Dubai Visa status enquiry details

It is one of the important issues that everyone facing when comes to the visa status enquiry. It is the main thing that people should focus on applying for the visa. While checking the dubai visa status you need to carry the original documents along with you as we mentioned earlier. To know more details regarding the dubai visa status check must follow the site of visa Dubai. You can find more information regarding the details of the inquiry on a visa. However, it will be very helpful for the people to check out before the applying visa.

Apply via online

There is a method to apply for the visa in offline as well as online. It is the method that to be followed to get the visa. However, it is also very easy for the people to apply for the visa via online. This makes the people even easier when compared to the offline process. It also takes less time to apply for the visa. All you just need is the details that how to apply and inquire. Based on the valid documents, the candidates will be requested to
allow and apply for the visa. When coming to Dubai visa status, these are all the things that you need to follow at the right time. There are some of the instructions which are always very helpful for the people while applying or checking the status of visa in online.

1. You must enter the official site with the valid passport of 3 months from arrival.

2. Before applying via online process, make sure that you read all the instructions.

3. Now scan your passport and make it as JPEG file format.

4. Along with the required details, you must upload needed documents to apply.

5. If you are looking for applying for your children, you need a birth certificate to submit along with the
application form.

 Dubai Visa Check by Passport Number

The applicant can follow Dubai visa check by passport number their visa details via online by visiting the official page of the embassy. There you can see the information about your visa purpose and date and time of interview for visa and more. There are different sections of visa checkpoints stated on the online website.

Steps to follow Dubai visa check by passport number

  • First, enter into the online site of the embassy. Click here to check:

  • Then provide the passport number of the applicant.

  • Then choose the options from the various tabs to view the status of the visa.

  • The window will show up the details of your visa, along with the particulars you have attached and the time allocation for the visa

  • Here you can also inquire about the visa related queries from the officials.

  • Then log out of the page once you checked your status from the website.

Dubai visa fee details

The processing fees will be collected from the applicants to issue the visa. This will be based on the mode of visa an applicant chooses to apply. Also, the visa charge can be varied from one another. The payment will depend on the single return or multi-return.

Dubai Visa Process Details

Visa is an endorsement to enter into a country which is issued prior to the time of journey. The visa process will take some time to check your details for the purpose of visit, duration, identity and more. Every country has their own set of rules and regulations for issuing the visa permit. The visa also offered based different categories like working visa, tourist visa, business visa, and a transit visa. There are certain countries that you need not apply for a visa to visit that countries. But most of the following visa process as a safety precaution from dangers.

  • Most of the people when comes to apply for the visa they often struggling to fill online as well as offline. For
    those people here we are sharing the information on applying via offline.

  • First of all, the candidate should visit the site and download the application form to fill.

  • There you need to fill all the valid required details as per the mentioned in the form.

  • Once the filling process is done, you can submit it to the nearest visa application center.

For Dubai visa, the applicant needs to fill out all the details requested in the online visa application form. The form will not be a handwritten one. The embassy officials may not consider this, so provided computer printed type application form with attachments. You have to submit your passport along with the visa application form for
the verification process. Then you have to inform properly about the visit, returning date and personal written a letter and address of the place where you are going to stay in Dubai and more. When comes to apply, you need a passport size photo. It should be uploaded via online along with the application form.

dubai visa status by passport number Dubai visa application center

To dubai visa status by passport number in offline Dubai visa application center helps People who are all searching for the contacts for doing the visa application process can follow here. Here we are sharing the contact details to check the visa process

List of  Dubai visa application center

  1. Chennai

floor, No.5, sun plaza,

G.N.Chetty Road,

Chennai 600006

2. Ahmedabad


Gujarat chamber of commerce,

Opposite vallabh sadan temple,

Ashram road, Ahmedabad- 380009

  1. Kolkata

Joint Visa application center,

floor, Rene tower, plot no.AA-1

1842, Rajdanga main road, kasba,

Kolkata- 700107

  1. Hyderabad

203, Maheshwari mayank plaza,

Opposite green park hotel,

Greenlands, Ameerpet

Hyderabad- 500016

  1. Mumbai

Urmi Axis Building, Ground floor,

Behind Famous Studio, opp. E Moses road,

Mahalazmi (west), Mumbai- 400011

By following the above given contact details,
people who are all seeking to submit their offline application form
after filling the required details.

Available visa types

Tourist visa

The tourist visa will be offered easily by the embassy based on the information provided by the applicant. You need to submit the passport along with the application forms and recent photo and government identity card. By following the tourist visa you visit the place for 30 days as per the rule.

Business visa for Dubai

Business visa is not given in a single, unlike another visa. You need to inform about the visit and purpose of the journey with the total time him /her stay. Compare with another visa the charge offered for a business visa is high.

Working visa

Working visa is issued with a proper inquiry from the embassy members. The person who opted for working should submit the company details, contract and work nature, the location of the company and other important information with the visa application. Mostly these details are provided by the company side. For working visa the period would be 2 to 3 years.

Family visa

It is purely related to the members of the family who are traveling to Dubai. If a child who doesn’t have a passport, then the name of the child will be added to their parent’s passport. This will be applicable to newborn baby also.

Transit visa

People who want to migrate from their country must apply through this
window to get a transit visa. The people have to submit the legal
documents and also location address along with their neighbor or
friend’s location and address. For this, you need to submit the
green card of your country which carries the
validity of 96 hours

Exit visa

The visa is valid only for a limited period as per the mode of visa
issued by the embassy. Once the visa validity ends, the person has to
renew the visa for extension of time or should apply for an exit visa
to leave the country. An exit visa is issued based on two types. They
are single exit and multi-exit. Multi-exit visa helps to travel
multiple time in the allocated time frame.

Visa interview

Once the applicant submits the application form, the embassy will
call for the visa interview to an inquiry about the purpose of visit
and other visa related questions. Once they confirmed the visa, then
you may get your original passport along with the visa form. The
documents should be related to the type of visa an applicant going to


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