Top Manufacturing Companies in India: The manufacturing sector is significant in every company, where they can produce different inventions to enlarge their business. All the manufacturing companies in India mainly focus on the manufacturing unit to provide high-quality products to make their brand one among the top when compared with other companies. For manufacturing industries, their brand, quality and new invention and other factors are main targets to continue their success as long as possible in the competitive environment. The manufacturing companies in India list are available in all the major cities. They are directly and indirectly supporting the growth of the nation. Some companies have their mobile manufacturing companies in India plants are started in worldwide; mostly they are located in the large cities



Here we were given List of manufacturing companies in Chennai, List of manufacturing companies in Bangalore, List of manufacturing companies in Pune, List of manufacturing companies Coimbatore

The manufacturing companies in India always have an eye on the cost of production to control the expenses for producing the products within their specified limits. Everyone manufacturing company depends on the certain field, and they produce the goods related to that particular area. The different types of manufacturing companies in India are stated like food, leather, textiles, wood, paper, chemicals, rubber, plastics, computer, electronics, metals, machinery and much more. These sectors also help an enormous amount of people with employment opportunity. It will result in the growth of the company as well as economic empowerment.

TOP 10 List of manufacturing companies in Chennai

India is a global market for all the trading companies where they started to build their manufacturing units in various cities in India. There are different types of manufacturing companies available in the Chennai city. It is one of the largest cities in India, where the domestic and international company are located around the city. Few of the manufacturing companies list which is located in Chennai.


  1. Accurate products corporation P Ltd- Chennai.

  2. Carborundum Universal Ltd- Chennai.

  3. E P L Technologies P Ltd- Chennai.

  4. J K Industrial- Chennai.

  5. The India Cements Ltd- Chennai.

  6. Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation Ltd- Chennai.

  7. Power Hydraulics- Chennai.

  8. Pentagon abrasives P Ltd- Chennai.

  9. Micro Electric Corporation- Chennai.

  10. Excel glass fibre Industries P Ltd- Chennai.

TOP 10 List of manufacturing company in Bangalore

Bangalore city is known for both IT and hardware companies. This is the largest city with a lot of job opportunities for the aspirants. Many companies are functioning in the manufacturing field. Some of the topmost national and multinational company’s production sectors are located here. We have listed the best manufacturing company in Bangalore city. They are,

  1. SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd- Bangalore.

  2. Power plus Bangalore Private Limited- Bangalore.

  3. Volvo India Pvt Limited- Bangalore.

  4. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited- Bangalore.

  5. Ashok Industries- Bangalore.

  6. Bharat Fritz Werner Limited- Bangalore.

  7. GAD aerospace private limited- Bangalore.

  8. Powerone Microsystems Limited- Bangalore.

  9. Turbotech precision engineering- Bangalore.

  10. Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd- Bangalore.

TOP 10 List of manufacturing companies in Pune

Pune is set to be a growing city in India when compared with the other cities. Now there are lots of companies located in and around the Pune city. The top manufacturing units now prefer Pune to establish their sectors by the future considerations. Typically, the city also suitable for all kind of transportation facility. So it seems to be the perfect location for building the manufacturing companies.

List of companies

  1. Metachem manufacturing company Pvt. Ltd- Pune.

  2. The jaws Manufacturing Co- Pune.

  3. Vacuum plant and instrument manufacturing company Limited- Pune.

  4. Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd- Pune.

  5. Pluto holder manufacturing company- Pune.

  6. Omega Electronics- Pune.

  7. Zeal manufacturing company- Pune.

  8. Micromax instruments pvt ltd- pune.

  9. Jindal Aluminum Limited- Pune.

  10. Ambuja Cement Ltd- Pune.

List-of-manufacturing-companies in banglore

TOP 10 List of manufacturing companies in Mumbai

Mumbai is the largest city in India regarding business sectors. This is the trademark center for business in the country. The city has all kind of business possibilities from small to large startups, and multinational companies are located. You can see all the top most companies manufacturing sectors in Mumbai. The list of manufacturing companies is

  1. Sudarshan steel manufacturing Co- Mumbai.

  2. Medica instrument manufacturing company- Mumbai.

  3. Usha garments manufacturing company Pvt Ltd- Mumbai.

  4. Venus nut bolt manufacturing company- Mumbai.

  5. Scientific apparatus manufacturing company- Mumbai.

  6. Universal oil seals Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd- Mumbai.

  7. Bombay reeds manufacturing company- Mumbai.

  8. Maruti book manufacturing company- Mumbai.

  9. Reliance manufacturing co- Mumbai.

  10. Malde capacitors manufacturing co- Mumbai.

List-of-manufacturing-companies in chennai

Top 10 List of manufacturing company in Kolkata

Kolkata is the city which is suitable for business organizations. The city is also capable of all kind of transport possibilities. So there are many companies planted for producing the goods with high quality and new inventions. The nation also allows the organizations to establish their units in different areas with stipulations. The companies also play a major role in development.

List of companies

  1. Industrial spares manufacturing co- Kolkata.

  2. British electric manufacturing company- Kolkata.

  3. Calcutta rolls manufacturing company- Kolkata.

  4. Spin can manufacturing company- Kolkata.

  5. Plicare cranes manufacturing company- Kolkata.

  6. Cement manufacturing company Limited- Kolkata.

  7. Hospital appliances manufacturing company India- Kolkata.

  8. Cardboard box manufacturing company- Kolkata.

  9. Eimco elecon India Ltd- Kolkata.

  10. Soni rubber products Ltd- Kolkata.

Here top list of manufacturing companies Some companies have their manufacturing plants worldwide; mostly they are located in the large cities

TOP 10 List of manufacturing company in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the well-known city in India, located in Andhra Pradesh state. The city also has many manufacturing companies in Hyderabad which help the growth of the state as well as the country. Now the country is traveling towards the development process. So these manufacturing companies in india are the best way for faster growth.

List of companies

  1. Lamco industries private limited- Hyderabad.

  2. Baba group of companies- Hyderabad.

  3. Anuja Electronics- Hyderabad.

  4. Spansules pharm tech Private Limited- Hyderabad.

  5. Kirloskar Electric company- Hyderabad.

  6. Finolex Cables Limited- Hyderabad.

  7. The Ramco cement- Hyderabad.

  8. Hetero Labs Limited- Hyderabad.

  9. Somany Ceramics Limited- Hyderabad

  10. The paper products Ltd- Hyderabad.

TOP 10 List of manufacturing company in Coimbatore

There are many startup companies, and large manufacturing firms are located in the Coimbatore city. Coimbatore is well known in Tamil Nadu after the Chennai city. It has more industrial sectors for manufacturing purposes. Mostly textiles and automation companies are situated in the city. Most of the textile products are developed from Coimbatore from Tamil Nadu state.

List of companies

  1. Billi edge manufacturing company- Coimbatore.

  2. Cardwell manufacturing company- Coimbatore.

  3. Lakshmi card clothing manufacturing- Coimbatore.

  4. Everest Industries Limited- Coimbatore.

  5. Dalmia cement bharat limited- Coimbatore.

  6. Precision crafters- Coimbatore.

  7. Evershine dynamic Corporation Limited- Coimbatore.

  8. Super spinning mills Ltd- Coimbatore.

  9. Bharat power conversion- Coimbatore.

  10. Minerva automation- Coimbatore.


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